Strategic Customer Service

By John Goodman

Ask any CEO how important customer service is to their company’s success and you’re sure to get some variation on the “our customers are our highest priority” them. It’s no secret that service is the golden key, but saying it and doing it – doing it right – are two different things entirely. Why? Because most executives still view customer service as a cost center; a necessary nuisance that drains funds from other more “strategic” investments. But for companies with a strategic approach to the customer service function itself, it’s an unbeatable marketing machine, a word-of-mouth monster that directly drives sales, repeat business, referrals, and the bottom line.

In Strategic Customer Service, John Goodman, Vice Chairman of Customer Care Measurement & Consulting (CCMC), proposes a new concept in customer service and shows how leading companies use it to transform their businesses. Drawing on thirty years of research for organizations such as American Express, Coca-Cola, FedEx, GE, Harley Davidson, J & J, Marriott, Mayo Health System, and Toyota, Goodman, a pioneer in customer service improvement, shows you how to:

  • Generate a business imperative for building proactive, profit-focused customer service
  • Realize and maximize the strategic relationship between service, sales, and marketing
  • Blend people, processes, and technology into a culture of high-quality service
  • Leverage every service interaction into an opportunity to create real customer satisfaction and loyalty – and to maximize revenue and profit per customer with every interaction
  • Fuel low-cost, high-powered word-of-mouth (and word-of-mouse) marketing that parlays your current customers’ great experiences into countless new relationships
  • Deliver consistent levels of service to all of your customers, whether they’re local or global.

Practical, frank, and straightforward, the book combines formal research, lively case studies, and patented, proven practices to deliver the what, why, and how of stellar service. In the process, Goodman debunks many myths and shows, for instance, that it’s, in fact, cheaper to deliver super service; that “silver” customers are often more profitable than “gold” ones; and that most traditional service-quality measures don’t work. Strategic Customer Service shows how to rethink your service strategy and start earning more loyalty, winning more customers, and driving substantial growth and serious profit.

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