Customer Experience 3.0

By John Goodman, Vice-Chairman, CCMC

Need to learn the benefits, pitfalls and best practices of the latest technologies to create a seamless customer experience that will improve your bottom line? From $5 plus shipping for hardcover or $3.99 on Kindle , Customer Experience 3.0 provides a firsthand view of what works and what doesn’t.

Containing an innovative customer experience framework and step-by-step roadmap, this book enables you to:

  • Design and deliver flawless services and products while setting honest customer expectations;
  • Create and implement an effective customer access strategy;
  • Capture and leverage the voice of your customer to set priorities and to improve products, services and marketing;
  • Use CRM systems, non-standard, more actionable metrics and other tools to deliver customer satisfaction; and
  • Quantify the bottom line impact of your customer experience initiatives.

The articulated strategy has been successfully implemented in a score of Fortune 100 companies as well as technology startups, construction companies and individual car dealers by producing higher loyalty, revenue and margins as well as greater positive word of mouth (WOM) that, in turn, has resulted in significantly lower marketing expenses.

Listen to author John Goodman explain the essential takeaways from his newest book, Customer Experience 3.0.

You will also find low and no cost approaches designed to delight and will learn how anticipation and proactivity can lower service costs by reducing contacts by as much as thirty percent. And, CE 3.0 shows you how to quantify these impacts to win CFO and CMO approval.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Customer expectations for product performance, world-class service and customer behavior when a problem arises;
  • Basic concepts of CE 3.0 – proactive, preventive service across the entire customer journey – what Goodman calls, “Psychic Pizza”, that is, delivering the pizza before the customer calls to order it and the four phases of customer journey design;
  • How to leverage ten technologies to become proactive and preventive;
  • Creating a business case for great service that the CFO and CMO will accept;
  • Prerequisites for creating the business case and creating an alliance with the CIO;
  • Showing leadership and getting supervisors to help the front line be successful;
  • Getting started on CE 3.0 – first steps for quick wins;
  • Checklist to evaluate your current approach against CE 3.0;
  • The Chief Customer Officer, including roles to avoid to ensure success; and
  • Preparing for and surviving predictable upheavals – reorganizations, recessions and mergers.

In this one minute video, John shares why
Customer Experience 3.0 will benefit your business.

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