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Press Release: Scott M Broetzmann appointed to Arizona State University Center for Services Leadership

  • Press Release: Scott M Broetzmann appointed to Arizona State University Center for Services Leadership

    ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – July 8, 2014 – Customer Care Measurement & Consulting, LLC (CCMC) announces its affiliation with the prestigious Arizona State University Center for Services Leadership (CSL), and the appointment of Scott M. Broetzmann, President & CEO to the Advisory Board of the CSL. CCMC has partnered with the CSL for the past decade on the acclaimed National Customer Rage Survey, the standard bearer for benchmarking complainant satisfaction in America.

    The globally recognized CSL strives to improve the business and academic understanding of the distinctive and growing role of services in organizations and with customers. In order to be a CSL member, organizations must possess an exceptional reputation as either a services firm or a product/manufacturing firm that competes through service/services. The organization must also be on a journey of change or improvement, making a strategic commitment to compete through service/services. The invitation-only CSL partnership provides an opportunity for member companies to research the latest in services leadership, as well as participate in extensive information sharing across a wide spectrum of industries.

    The affiliation joins CCMC with a long list of service-oriented companies who are already members of the CSL such as IBM, FedEx, Marriott and Boeing.

    “It is a privilege to be invited to be a CSL board member,” said Broetzmann. “I’m humbled by the opportunity to learn from and share with the best of the best.”

    CCMC is a market leader in helping Fortune 500 companies use customer satisfaction and loyalty survey results to improve the customer experience. For more information about CCMC, please visit

    The CSL was established in 1985 to pioneer the study of services when business schools were focusing primarily on products and manufacturing enterprises. By filling this void, the CSL has established itself as globally recognized authority and resource in the field. Highly successful companies and top academics turn to the CSL to understand how to compete strategically through both profitable services and through the use of customer service as a source of distinction.

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