Vision, Mission & Values

Scientifically powering extraordinary customer experiences


A marketplace that builds and sustains enduring customer relationships by acting on the voice of the customer.


Helping our clients achieve a better return on their customer experience investments.


Acting with Integrity
Aspiring to be a trusted advisor to our clients, we view the essence of any lasting business relationship as authenticity. We actively listen, seek to understand all points of view and promise to always "tell it like it is."
Optimizing Customer Experience ROI
Like our clients and business partners, we are results-focused. We believe that the most genuine customer experience ROI is earned by achieving a positive, incremental and continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Driving Transformational Change through Collaboration
There is more than one way to get to the right outcome. We see collaboration and teamwork as the means to bringing out the best in each other.
Practicing Good Science
We advocate for using the scientific method to describe, predict and manage the customer experience. We depend on methodological rigor, favor empirical data and insist on transparency.
Setting the Example for Extraordinary Service
We take the words "customer care" seriously. We walk the talk and are passionate and enthusiastic about delivering an extraordinary customer experience to our clients. Client feedback is a centerpiece of our mission to deliver an extraordinary client experience.
Acting As Stewards of The Customer Experience
In partnership with world-class research institutions and other marketplace leaders, we invest our time and resources to promote the scientific discovery of how to improve the customer experience.
Giving Forward to Our Community
Albert Einstein had it right – “only a life lived in the service of others is worth living.” We share our time, talent and treasure with not-for-profit organizations in our local community, the state and the nation.