Case Study:

Utility Company

Company Profile

A major US utility serving nearly 1.5 million customers and earning annual revenues of approximately $250 million.

The Challenge

While this company embraced an aspiration to be recognized as the "best" US utility, the goal was a formidable one in a culture with a distrust for VOC data and palpable skepticism about the value of customer satisfaction. After all, what good is “customer satisfaction” in a monopoly where customers don’t have an alternative?

The Solution

Working hand in hand with CCMC, four best practice strategies were adapted to the organization's distinct culture and leveraged to jump-start a necessary customer experience sea change.

  • Cross-functional “core group” to drive adoption and alignment;
  • Actionable customer experience surveys;
  • Fast, authentic actions to move the needle, demonstrate success, and win over cynics, and
  • Creative communication campaign to engender employee commitment and celebrate success.

The Results

The first fruits of this significant investment yielded a positive ROI and some rich stories to rally the organization around the genuine value of acting on the VOC.

  • More satisfied advocates that share positive word of mouth;
  • Fewer customer hassles, and
  • Measurable gains in satisfaction in four key areas of customer experience.

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