Case Study:

Health Care Supplier

Company Profile

A prominent Fortune 100 medical product supplier with annual sales exceeding $1 billion and over 1,500 employees.

The Challenge

This marketplace leader sought to accentuate its core strengths and shore up a few known vulnerabilities by identifying and improving in those areas that mattered most to customers.

The Solution

Armed with metrics that translated "customer satisfaction" outcomes into "bottom-line" implications, the company built an engaging and enduring methodology for not just listening to, but acting on customer experience, insights, and opportunities.

The Results

Steadily increasing satisfaction levels among new customers.
11%-point annual increase in new customer satisfaction.

Soaring satisfaction for new customers with core product.
78% increase in new customer satisfaction for a core product (from 49% to 87% Very satisfied).

Improved visibility of credible customer experience metrics.
Improved on-time delivery results. Better contact center experiences. Fewer customer complaints. Greater product availability.

Scientifically powering extraordinary customer experiences