Case Study:

Financial Services

Company Profile

A multinational financial services company with a portfolio exceeding $7 billion.

The Challenge

The sky wasn’t falling. This blue chip company often beat the competition on reputation alone. Every now and then, it might even lay claim to a #1 satisfaction ranking in its industry. New leadership had a very different vision.

It believed that to thrive in an ever-increasingly competitive market – one with major and niche rivals – the company needed to earn a #1 satisfaction ranking every year.

The Solution & Results

This company’s steadfast and more-than-one-decade partnership with CCMC yielded remarkable benefits…Ranked #1 in satisfaction in an annual industry-wide benchmarking study for 9 of the past 11 years. 

…and provided all companies possessing similar aspirations with a playbook for customer experience dominance.

If you want to be #1 in satisfaction...

  • Measure the customer experience the same way, every year, no matter what;
  • Don’t (try to) boil the ocean; focus your improvement efforts on a few things that matter most to customers;
  • When it comes to taking action - trust, but verify;
  • Set your bar high -  use achievable but aspirational targets, and
  • Give everyone accountability for and visibility to satisfaction goals and outcomes.

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