Case Study:

Business to Business Global Manufacturer

Company Profile

A leading B2B global manufacturer with annual sales exceeding $1.75 billion.

The Challenge

Mostly, this company had observed the customer experience through a one-dimensional, product-centric lens. If it was to broaden its field of vision, it would need to do so by solving challenges, like how do we:

  • Turn ourselves “inside out” and cultivate a more customer-driven culture?
  • Obtain meaningful survey results when we have a relatively small, finite customer base?
  • Harmonize the “hard science”  of quality with “soft and squishy” customer experience data?
  • Facilitate global consensus among independent, strong-willed regional stakeholders?

The Solution

Trusting CCMC’s four decades of experience in moving B2B front-runners from measuring to managing the customer experience, the company adopted a proven three-step solution.

  1. Baseline Survey: Where are we starting from & what matters most?
  2. Action Planning: How can we operationalize changes?
  3. Annual Tracker: What’s the impact of our actions?

The Results

The company achieved no less than transformational improvement, increasing overall satisfaction by 11% points following the baseline survey stage.

Customers said the company was..

  • 8%-points more committed to excellence
  • 9%-points easier to do business with
  • 32%-points more responsive to requests

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