Customer Experience Core Group

Customer-driven companies thrive where others languish because they consistently invest in those actions that lie in the intersection of a “good customer experience” and “an optimal ROI.”

Customer-driven companies reach beyond the platitudes of customer delight. They have belief systems, processes, and measurements in place to institutionalize a customer-centric approach to doing business.

It may be simple, but it’s not so easy.

CCMC’s Core Group offers a time-tested process for transforming an organization from a company- to a customer-centric enterprise. It does more than simply create siloed plans or make one-off recommendations about the customer experience. A Core Group remolds the organization in terms of a profitable customer experience.

A Core Group:

  • Seeks company-wide support for a process resulting in a better customer experience
  • Collects and analyzes voice of the customer survey data to support the process and reinforce a management-by-fact approach to improving the customer experience (e.g., baseline customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys, customer care assessments)
  • Designs and advocates a formal business plan to improve the customer experience over an agreed upon multi-year implementation schedule
  • Makes specific recommendations for actions that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty now and in the future
  • Monitors the implementation of the business plan and recommendations

Composed of five to ten senior executives, and led by a CCMC principal, a Core Group systematically implements a five-step customer-driven change management program over a 12- to 24-month period:

  • Step 1 – Customer Experience Forum
    CCMC facilitates a two- to three-day forum for the Core Group, beginning with a one-day workshop that is used to define the key operating principles of a customer-driven organization. The balance of the forum is used to tailor and apply those principles to the unique needs of the organization and achieve consensus on the Core Group’s vision, mission, goals, and a Core Group Operating Plan.
  • Step 2 – Missionary Work
    The Core Group acts as a customer experience advocate, “selling” the agreed upon Core Group Operating Plan across the enterprise. Core Group members lead town hall meetings and use other communications to solicit buy in and constructive feedback from the organization about the Core Group Operating Plan.
  • Step 3 – Intelligence Gathering & Quantification
    The Core Group conducts a series of assessments and baseline customer satisfaction and loyalty. The resulting data – coupled with economic and other statistical modeling techniques – are used to build a business case for a better customer experience.
  • Step 4 – Customer Experience Business Plan
    The Core Group prepares a formal, comprehensive Customer Experience Business Plan for increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Step 5 – Monitoring & Consulting
    The Core Group monitors the implementation of the Customer Experience Business Plan and provides ongoing guidance to ensure effective execution of that plan.