Quirk’s Cover Feature: Better alignment between voice of the customer efforts and customer experience feedback methods

John Goodman, David Beinhacker and Scott M. Broetzmann use their cover feature in the August, 2015 Quirk’s Marketing Research Review to present a compelling argument for better alignment between voice of the customer efforts and customer experience feedback methods. Reacting to several past Quirk's … [Read more...]

It’s The Process, Stupid

Your customer service reps aren't the primary cause of customer dissatisfaction – reallocate your quality improvement resources to the real causes by John Goodman & Scott M. Broetzmann It's The Process, Stupid Service executives and contact center directors spend much of their management time … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Determining the ROI on Innovative Service

By Chip R. Bell Assume you were charged with a random act of kindness. Your accuser claimed you wasted company time and resources going out of your way to be nice to a customer. Since time is money and resources are scarce, your charge is rather serious. Your only defense before the ROI judge … [Read more...]

Article: Once a Product or Offer Is Designed, You Are NOT Done (With the Customer)!

Writing on the Loyalty360 website, John Goodman discusses potential service issues that arise from new product and consumer offers. Despite their title, customer loyalty marketers often fail to sufficiently include the customer. Loyalty360 is a market driven, voice of the customer focused … [Read more...]

Article: Are You Proactive or Reactive in Your Approach to Service?

Writing on the Intelliresponse.com website, John Goodman discusses the importance of being proactive in your approach to service. Many companies exclusively focus their resources on reducing the cost of response to customer problems and inquiries, and really miss out on the bigger “customer … [Read more...]

Consumer Reports: How to survive do-it-yourself customer service

CCMC research was recently quoted in an article published on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website. ...disgruntled complainants are almost three times more likely to express their unhappiness to others than those who have a good experience. Each dissatisfied customer spreads the word to about 28 … [Read more...]

Where’s the Beef in Web Self-Service? Are you measuring what is important?

A new survey of customer service managers provided some surprising information on what metrics departments are using to measure the effectiveness of self-service. SoftwareAdvice.com, a technology evaluation firm for customer support software, conducted a survey of 170 managers and found that many … [Read more...]

Article: The High Price of Ignoring Customer Input and Big Data

In a recent article published on destinationCRM.com John Goodman asks... What's wrong with traditional customer involvement methods? A new study by Forbes and ASQ of more than 2,000 global senior executives and quality professionals found that only one-fourth formally involve customers in quality … [Read more...]

ConsumerReports.org: Use tech to your advantage when seeking customer support

John Goodman is referenced in a recent article by ConsumerReports.org written for the Boston Globe. But self-service shouldn’t mean no service. Try canceling an online order immediately after pressing “submit.” Chances are you can’t. Or try tracking down live help if an eBay transaction goes … [Read more...]

Article: The Cardinal Sins of Customer Service – And How to Fix them

John Goodman presents a series of compelling essays on the customer experience. In this feature, John shares how companies can overcome the "cardinal sins" of  customer service. Download a PDF of the article entitled The Cardinal Sins Of Customer Service - And How To Fix Them Read the full … [Read more...]