Press Release: Scott M Broetzmann appointed to Arizona State University Center for Services Leadership

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – July 8, 2014 – Customer Care Measurement & Consulting, LLC (CCMC) announces its affiliation with the prestigious Arizona State University Center for Services Leadership (CSL), and the appointment of Scott M. Broetzmann, President & CEO to the Advisory Board of the CSL. … [Read more...]

Article: How supply chain traceability relates to consumer affairs and the bottom line


John Goodman writes on the website. The smart supply chain executive should work with their consumer affairs and marketing executives to balance these issues to maximize company success. Download a PDF of the article entitled How supply chain traceability relates to consumer affairs … [Read more...]

Majority Of Motorists Admit To Distracted Driving Behavior On Daily Basis According To New Study

prock Press Release: Northeast regional insurance group Plymouth Rock Assurance has released the results of a new study issued during Distracted Driving Awareness Month revealing nearly two-thirds of drivers polled engage in distracted driving behavior every day. Written by Laura … [Read more...]

Article: 5 Common Service Actions That Drive Your Customers Nuts


John Goodman has an article published on the Salesforce Blog about annoying service actions. We all know exactly the types of customer service interactions that raise our blood pressure. Five of the most prevalent points of pain that surface in CCMC’s bi-annual National Rage Studies are practices … [Read more...]

Article: Moving Your Organization Toward Customer Experience 3.0


By published by SOCAP International, John Goodman and David Beinhacker from CCMC have an article in the Spring 2014 issue of the digital CRM magazine entitled Moving Your Organization Toward Customer Experience 3.0. Once you have the economic imperative and technology in place, what could possibly … [Read more...]

Article: How Technology Contributes to Customer Experience


In a recent article by John Goodman on, John explains how... By being proactive, a company can dazzle its customers with great service. The biggest payoffs often come from providing information and setting expectations. Click here to download a PDF of the article entitled   How … [Read more...]

ASQ Video: Interview with John Goodman


The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has published a video interviewing John Goodman about the quality and the customer experience. Despite quality engineers focusing time and resource in perfect product delivery, that "up to 30% of all customer problems are caused by the customer … [Read more...]

The National Customer Rage Survey 2013: The results are in!


Customer problems are on the rise and customers are increasingly frustrated by how little they get in return for their complaining efforts. Learn more about the results of the 2013 survey here. … [Read more...]

Article: 6 Ways to Link Quality Improvement to Customer Service


John Goodman has had an article published recently on - eMagazine for Customer Service Professionals. Based on ASQ’s Global State of Quality Research: Discoveries 2013, Customer Service Managers can enhance the pay-off of corporate quality initiatives by providing Voice … [Read more...]

Scott Broetzmann Elected to Board of Directors of the Council of Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Press Release For immediate release Arlington, VA, December 19, 2013 – Scott M. Broetzmann, President and Co-Founder of Customer Care Measurement & Consulting (CCMC), was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB). CCMC is a market leader in … [Read more...]